Rotax MAX Junior driver eligibility if born in 2006

We have obtained permission from Rotax to allow drivers born in 2006 to race in Rotax MAX Junior at National level with a simple national licence.

However, this does not change the eligibility requirements to participate in the Grand Finals should a driver born in 2006 win an invitation. For drivers born in 2006, only drivers who have obtained the FIA Special Licence BEFORE their participation in a qualifying event will be eligible to win the invitation.  See the press release of 18 February 2021.

If you were born in 2006 and wish to compete in the national races in order to qualify for the World Final in Bahrain this December, you must first contact ASN Canada ([email protected]) to apply for a special international licence. If you participate in the national qualifying races with a national licence, you will not be able to win or qualify for the invitation to the 2021 Grand Finals.