Rotax incentive program

In collaboration with BRP-Rotax, SRA Karting is happy to announce a super incentive program whose goal is to promote the Rotax categories to kart drivers who are currently competing in other categories.  You can purchase a Rotax engine at an incredibly low price while still being able to keep your current engine in order to be able to compete in the categories of your choice!

The program is simple; if in 2020 or 2021 you competed in a category other than Rotax, you are entitled to purchase a brand new, fully warrantied Rotax kart engine with a discount ranging between 53% and 57% off of the Canadian suggested retail price!


  1. The buyer must reside in Canada;
  2. The buyer must show that he has competed in a karting event in Canada, in 2020 or 2021 in any non Rotax racing category (arrive-and-drive and rental type karts are not eligible) using published results which can be verified online. 
  3. If the competitor is the buyer’s child, the buyer must specify his child’s name;
  4. The price does not include the battery or the installation;
  5. Applicable taxes extra;
  6. The engine must be registered in the warranty system under the buyers name;
  7. One engine at the special price per competitor;
  8. Only the competitor who has purchased the engine will be allowed to race in Rotax racing series for the entire 2021 season;
  9. As part of the incentive program, there are a limited number of engines available in each model. First come, first serve; and
  10. The program starts February 1st and ends after all the allocated engines have been sold or at the latest on May 1st 2021.

Please contact your local Rotax karting dealer for more details.