Trade your old 2-stroke engine for a new Rotax MAX Evo engine and save $500

Great offer for customers who are interested in purchasing a new engine of the Rotax MAX Evo series and who have an old engine which they no longer use or which requires expensive repair. Trade in your old and/or defective kart engine and save $500.00 on the suggested retail price of your new Rotax MAX Evo engine.


  1. Any 2-stroke kart engine of any brand including Rotax can be traded-in;
  2. A person can buy only one engine with this trade in program;
  3. For every purchase of a new engine of the Rotax MAX Evo family, one engine can be traded-in only;  
  4. Valid at a purchase of a new engine with accessories only;
  5. Engine quantities per engine model are limited;
  6. The program ends on June 30, 2022 or after all the allocated engines have been sold.

For more details, visit your local Rotax kart dealer.