Very important information for Rotax classes using Mojo Tires

18 August 2016

Impression2016 is the last year of the CIK homologation for tires, including the Mojo W2 which production will end soon. For 2017, a new tire will be available.

As you all know, weather is unpredictable and the Canadian distributor cannot afford to have leftover tires which will be replaced next season.

We do not presently know what our dealers have in stock or if the competitors have rain tires, but we are sold out since yesterday. We have informed our dealers that we will not order W2 rain tires for the Canadian Nationals and the remaining events except if we have a firm and non-refundable order from them within the next few days.

If you need W2 rain tires for the Nationals, please contact your local dealer as soon as possible to assure on time delivery for the event.

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