Update for Micro & Mini MAX point system for invited driver to the Grand Finals

31 August 2016

As announced last May, a Micro MAX and a Mini MAX drivers will be invited to participate at the Rotax MAX Challenge in Sarno, Italy next October.

The winner will be determined by the total points scored in the ECKC Championship and the 2016 ASN Canada FIA National Championships. Same as an ECKC weekend, a total of 500 points can be scored during the Canadian Championships. On August 5th, a point scheme for this event has been posted but at this time the format of the National Championships was not confirmed.  Because of the different format as expected, we have to modify the point scheme as follow: 250 points will be given to the heat race standings and 250 points for the final race according to the table below:


To determine the winner of the invitation, a standing combining all results from the ECKC championship and the Canadian Championships will be done.  One “drop” will be used.

For rounds 1, 2 & 4 of the ECKC, the drop is the removal of the lowest combined race day point results of the Pre-Final and Final race at a Series Race. For round 3 of ECKC the “drop” is the removal of 1 final race of the weekend and half point awarded to the heat race standings. For the Canadian Championships, the drop is the removal of the Heat race standings or the final race.

An exclusion in a final race cannot be used as a “drop”. The results of the final race of the Canadian Championships can be dropped only if the driver race in this final race.

The driver with the highest total after the drop will receive the invitation to race at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

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