Rotax Grand Finals – Tuesday practices

18 October 2016

team-canada-contest3Today, we finally had an answer for the biggest concern in the paddock since our arrival in Italy. Will the Team Canada suits be released from the Italian customs and delivered today? YES ! We got them late this afternoon.

After the 2nd day of practice, we have now a better idea of the fast drivers to follow and were our Canadian drivers are overall.  Good news for Team Canada members, practice goes well and this is very positive for the qualifying session of tomorrow.

Micro MAX & Mini MAX

Anthony Sardellitti (#25) was near 2,5 seconds off yesterday and couldn’t complete a lap this morning. He did great in the afternoon practice, closing the gap to 0,48 second. He is learning fast ! In Mini-MAX, Thomas Nepveu (#68) has the biggest challenge of our team as he has to adapt to a different chassis size. For this year, they are using cadet chassis in the Mini MAX class. Several experiences are necessary to find the right chassis and carburetor set-ups and many drivers are facing the same situation. Up to now, Thomas went from P15 to P23 in practice. It is difficult in this class to see a real ranking. So we expect to have big surprises in qualifying tomorrow for this class.

Junior MAX

Andres De Alba (#131), Samuel Lupien (#130) and Ryan MacDermid (#132) are running top 10 in their group and, as usual, times are extremely close.  Top 20 of each group is within half of a second. It is a bit more difficult for Matthew Taskinen (#143), mainly as he missed the morning practice when he crashed in lap 1 and lost precious practice laps.

Senior MAX

Zachary Claman-DeMelo (#225) and Marco DiLeo (#226) are running top 10 of their group. The others Canadians Gianfranco Mazzaferro (#228), Coltin McCaughan (#227) and Kellen Ritter (#242) are not far in time, being 3-5 tenths of a second but at this level, this difference is huge and this can drop you quickly in the results.  As practices are there to learn the track and test set-ups, this is nothing to worry about for our competitors.

DD2 Masters

Scott Campbell (#443) is our only representative in this class. As usual, Scott is working methodically to find the qualifying set-ups.  He is running top 10 during practice which is something normal for him but as we like to tease him, he is not a young master anymore.


Jeffrey Kingsley (#327), Alessandro Bizzotto (#341) and Marco Signoretti (#337) are on the odd group. Kingsley and Bizzotto are both running top 10 and Kingsley clocked the fastest lap of the third practice. For Signoretti, he is not far behind but the few tenths missing cost a lot at this level. Tyler Kashak (#328) has the most variation in his times but we didn’t have the chance to speak with him to see if this is due to testing strategy.

Tonight Team Canada members will join for the traditional “Get Together” and tomorrow, the event starts officially with the qualifyings (“Timed practices”) at 10h45 (4h45 Toronto time) and the first heat race after lunch. Follow the webbroadcast at


Team Canada received the financial support of M sur la Montagne, Canadian Mortgage  Strategies & Investments, Red Kap, CIBC Wood Gundy,  BMO Capital Markets, ASN Canada FIA and SRA Karting.

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