Rotax Grand Finals – Friday – Heat 3 and Second Chance race

28 November 2014

Today was an important day for the drivers as it was the last opportunity to qualify for the final round on Saturday. At the end of today, only 34 drivers out of 72 in each class will continue to race in the event.

Only 4 of our Team Canada members were also sure to qualify for Saturday, 2 where in good position and the others would have to work very hard to make it.

After the 3 heat races, we had 4 drivers qualified and all the other still had a chance buy going through the Second Chance race which take the top six of that race to the pre-finals. Gianfranco Mazzaferro and Bryce Choquer were starting that race in P6, which is good. The problem is all SCR where on rain condition where no session or practice took place in these conditions. After of the Second Chance races, only Bryce Choquer made it and it was very close. After a good start, he was running in P4 when he was hit in the back losing 6-7 positions. He came back up to P7 and at that time was eliminated by 1 position. The driver who hit him had finished 5th and was penalized for that contact, bringing Choquer in P6 and then, to the tomorrow’s prefinal of the MAX class. He will have a lot of work to do as he will start last but with the rain expected, this may be easier for him. Choquer will then join Zachary Claman-Demelo, already qualified and who will start 6th tomorrow.

Our DD2 squad is still very strong as Ben Cooper will start the prefinal on the first row in P2, Fred Woodley will start 9th and Jeffrey Kingsley will start 14th.

Unfortunately, all other Canadian drivers are eliminated. This is disappointing for them but when you think that all drivers here are national or international series champion, this is not dishonorable. The only thing missing for most of them was a bit of luck in the first lap of every race as the track configuration brought many crashes. Overtaking on this track is not easy and many drivers were taking too many risks at the start to gain positions.

In the Facebook fans contest, Canada finished 2nd behind the United Arab Emirates.

Today’s interviews are with our MAX drivers Bryce Choquer and Christophe Paquet (in French with subtitles).

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