RMC Bulletin 2015-2: Micro & Mini

29 April 2015

Bulletin 2015-2 – 2015 Appendix for 125 Mini MAX and 125 Micro MAX

This bulletin is necessary to correct the regulation because of a change in the firmware of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which display a different result as shown in the regulation. Also, the use of the new XS carburetor on a Micro Max EVO engine showed the throttle has to be modulate in some situations by the driver to avoid flat spots in the acceleration. This is very difficult from such young drivers. The addition of a spacer in the carburetor, similar but different from the one used with the QD and QS carburetors, fix this  problem.

The bulletin 2015-2 is available here or on our Regulation page.

The 2015 Appendix for 125 Mini and 125 Micro has been updated accordingly.



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