Rotax Evo Engines

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Since 1998, the Rotax MAX engines family is a huge success worldwide and become the most popular karting engines.  Power, Reliability, Continuous improvement is the key of this success.

For 2015 Rotax introduce the biggest improvement in their Rotax MAX engines family with the introduction of the new Rotax 125 MAX Evo series.

Why? Because it was now time for a new step based on 3 key elements:

  • The advanced engine technology of the Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series provides the ultimate ease of use.
  • The Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series provides a further improved durability vs. existing models.
  • The Rotax 125 MAX evo engine series delivers optimized performance characteristics.

Does it means that my actual engine is now obsolete?

NO. The EVO series has been designed with keeping in mind that actual engines should be compatible with the actual Rotax 125 MAX family engines. You will have the possibility to keep your engine and upgrade it if you like to.


1. New Dell’ Orto VHSB34 “XS” carburetor
– Supports ease of use of the whole engine package – improved driving experience.
– Less support of carburetor experts needed to get appropriate carburetion – reduce cost of operation.
2. New Dellorto ignition system
– Improved engine characteristic at 125 Junior MAX evo – ease of use.
– Reduced risk for misfiring at 125 MAX DD2 evo – increased durability.
– Integrated timing for exhaust valve for 125 MAX evo and 125 MAX DD2.
3. Electronic timed exhaust valve
– Automatically and exact timing of exhaust valve for 125 MAX evo and 125 MAX DD2 evo.
– Less technical assistance required for proper function of the system – lower cost of operation.
4. New battery holder unit with integrated combi-switch (OFF/ON/START)
– Easy to install and operate
– Improved durability of combination of OFF/ON/START-switch and starter relay – lower cost of operation.
5. New exhaust systems (125 Mini MAX evo, 125 Junior MAX evo, 125 MAX evo and 125 MAX DD2 evo)
– Similar look but now comes in two pieces
– Increased durability – lower cost of operation
– Lower noise emissions
– Slightly lower weight compared to actual exhaust system.

See the introduction video of the new 125 MAX EVO engines