In 2000, the ROTAX Kart Centre created a worldwide series of kart races called “ROTAX MAX Challenge”. For 2018, the RMC is presented as a national competition in over 60 countries. This series is an “CIK-FIA authorised series”. The engines used are the FR 125 Micro-MAX, FR125 Mini MAX, FR125 Junior MAX, the FR125 Max and the Max DD2 with strictly no modifications allowed. The main reason for participating in the ROTAX MAX Challenge should be the pleasure of kart racing, without the intention of spending more time in the pits than on the track and most of the money on unexpected engine repairs. At the end of the year, a total of 360 drivers (Micro MAX, Mini MAX, Junior MAX, Senior MAX, DD2 and DD2 Masters classes) coming all around the world will be invited to race at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Conde, Paraiba, Brasil, from November 24 to Dec. 1st 2018.

In 2018, the Canadian Rotax Max Challenge will run in Nationals and regional series. The National Final will take place during the Canadian Open, August 31 – Sept. 2nd, in Mont-Tremblant, Québec. The champion in the Mini MAX, Max Junior, Max, DD2 and DD2 Masters classes, will be invited to race at the Grand Finals.

The champion in the Mini MAX,  Junior MAX and Senior MAX classes from the Western Canadian Karting Championship (WCKC) will be invited to race at the Grand Finals.

To reach the official Rotax Max Challenge Website, click here.