Portugal 2012: Qualifying heats 1 & 2

29 November 2012

# 414 Scott Campbell (credit: Patrick Moreau)

We had our first races today with the qualifying heats. Each driver must race in three qualification heats and at the end, a standing is done according to where they finish in each heat. The top 28 drivers of this standing will qualify directly for the prefinal and drivers ranked 29 to 62 will race in the Second chance race where only the top six will complete the starting grid of the prefinal.  The remaining drivers will be eliminated.

Two team Canada drivers had a perfect day. Scott Campbell in DD2 Masters and Ben Cooper in DD2 both won their two qualifying heats today.  Nicolas Latifi also had a very good day finishing the first heat in 2nd and the second in 3rd.

Unfortunately some of our other drivers were faced with bad luck today.  In his first heat, Zachary Claman-DeMelo was battling for first place but a late braking manoeuver ended with contact with the leader and Zachary was unable to finish the race, placing him in 33rd position at the finish.  However he had a great 2nd heat finishing in 2nd place. But the unluckiest of all was Pier-Luc Ouellette who was starting his first heat with a new engine.  Unfortunately for him, he was hit at the start and had to abandon the race because of a bent axle.  In his second heat, he was, again, unable to survive the start.

Here are the results of all of the Canadian drivers for each of the two qualifying heats.

Max Junior

Zacharie Claman DeMelo : H1 – 34  H2 – 2
Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet : H1 – 13    H2 – 22
Zacharie Scalzo : H1 – 10  H2 – 18
Parker Thompson : H1 – 6  H – 4 but  10

Max Senior

Jesse Lazare: H1 – 6  H2 – 6
Marco DiLeo : H1 – 16   H2 – 11
Bryce Choquer : H1 – 18  H2 – 35

DD2 Masters

Scott Campbell : H1 – 1  H2 – 1
Stuart Clark : H1 – 4  H2 – 10
Luc Sauriol : H1 – 9  H2 – 9


Ben Cooper : H1 – 1    H2 – 1
Nicholas Latifi: H1 – 2   H2 – 3
Pier-Luc Ouellette: H1 – 34   H2 – 33
Zacharie Richard-Robichon : H1 – 31   H2 – 10

Today’s video are interviews with the Team Canada DD2 drivers Zacharie Richard-Robichon (English) and Pier-Luc Ouellette (French) . Video of the day

We also offer you a third photo gallery. Gallery # 3

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