New bulletins and messages from ASN Canada FIA

9 April 2012

The new season is just around the corner! ASN Canada-FIA recently posted two new bulletins in regards to the 2012 regulations. The first bulletin is concerning the use of on board camera for karters. The second bulletin includes a new certification for helmet. See these bulletins on the ASN Canada-FIA website.

Our ASN also reminds you that you need a national licence to race at the ASN Nationals championships and in the WCC and ECKC national series.

For Québec drivers, please be reminded that you must first acquire your licence from Karting Québec before applying for to the National licence upgrade. Visit the Karting Québec website to get the information and necessary forms.

Last reminder, you can reserve you competition national number from ASN Canada. This will guarantee that you will always have the same number for the complete season.

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