Exchange Campaign coil with extension wire

23 November 2011

Unfortunately, BRP-Powertrain noticed that rumours on the market concerning Rotax 265571 “extension wire”- coils have been increasing.

To cure this situation BRP-Powertrain has decided that the ignition coils with extension wire will no more be valid within the ROTAX MAX Challenge regulations 2012 (valid as of January 01st, 2012) for all engine classes (125 Micro MAX, 125 Mini MAX, 125 Junior MAX and 125 MAX).

To support customers which have an ignition coil with extension, BRP-Powertrain offers an exchange campaign for these ignition coils.

Within the defined time frame of December 1st 2011 until April, 30th 2012 customers can return their ignition coils (marked with the number “265 571″ on the housing) to their ROTAX service centers/dealers which will exchange the ignition coil exchanged free of charge by a new ignition coil. We suggest to verify with your dealer if they have the coil in stock before.

PLEASE NOTE: 265 578 does not include a spark plug cap, so keep yours!

Time frame: December 01st, 2011 until April 30th, 2012.
Conditions: Exchange free of charge. See your Authorized Rotax dealer.

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