CQ # 5 / ECKC # 6 Registration procedure

We are implementing a new Event management software for the Coupe du Québec # 5 / ECKC # 6 which will take place in Mont-Tremblant September 14-15. This new software will help a lot the organizers as it will create automatically a database for the timing system and for the electronic equipment control from the online registration form.

We did many tests to avoid problems during online registration but we cannot think about all possibility and this is why we are requesting your help in the implementation of this new software.

To keep the new process as simple as possible, we deliberately omitted to link the online registration form to an online payment system. Your payment must be done at the track (cash, credit, debit or cheque).

If you experience any problem with your registration, first try to use another computer and/or another web browser. For example, if you have problem while using Explorer, try with Google Chrome. If this does not solve your problem, please explain your problem by email to Kim Veillette (kveillette@kartingjimrussell.com) and she will forward your e-mail to technical support.

The language of the registration page is automatically based on the language of your web browser. As the software developer is based in Germany, you may see little translation mistakes.

Here a description how it works:

  1. First, you must go on : http://vertrieb.karthandel.com/eva/SRA
  2. Follow the online instructions

Home Page














Next page is the event information page and shows you the required information to register.























Then, you access the registration form







































When you correctly filled the form, you will see a confirmation like this…









If you did not fill all fields or entered incorrect datas, you will get an message telling the number of mistakes.