16 December 2013 is the first social network to group together people who share the same passion: karting.  Designed by BRP-Powertrain, is not just dedicated to Rotax drivers nor is it just another social network like Facebook for example, it is clearly dedicated to all karters to allow them to exchange on things like their favorite tracks or events, and where they can share information about equipment (ex. engine, chassis, tires).  A logbook can also be kept to store set-up information for every track visited which can stay private or shared with friends. You will also find tools (ex. oil/gas ratio mixture) and because the website is designed to be used with smartphones and tablets, it can easily be used at the track.

You can even challenge your friends by sending invitations to meet at a certain track. Visiting a new region and want to find a track to have fun, kart-cloud gives you the possibility to find tracks and the evaluations done by other karters.

For newcomers into karting, you also have an academy with courses that will give you lots of information about the sport and with exams at the end of each course. is presently only on the beta version and already, improvements are planned but you can already sign in and start using it. The final version of the website will be launched early next spring.  As the number of users increase and their profile updated, will become even more fun and will give you more and more information about drivers and tracks. All information you entered in your account will be kept when the official version will be released.

One of the improvements now in the works will be the way to find your friends which are already registered. Just to give you a tip for the moment, use the search tool in the top menu instead of the one in the friends section.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, you can send a message to the support team.

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