Rotax Statement about Tillotson carburetors

5 December 2013

Since the Press release from Tillotson about their new carburetors for the Rotax MAX engines, we have been flooded with questions about these carburetors regarding the Rotax Max Challenge regulation and to know if this will mean a change will occur regarding the carburetor for the MAX engines family.  Find below the official statement from BRP-Powertrain regarding this:

Dear customer,

We want to annotate the launch of the Tillotson carburetor for a Rotax MAX engine.

Please note:

–       A Tillotson carburetor for a Rotax MAX engine was not initiated nor it has been technically approved by BRP Powertrain

–       Using a Tillotson carburetor on a Rotax MAX engine eliminates every warranty claim

–       It is not legal to use a Tillotson carburetor in any national Rotax Max Challenge (RMC) and international or zone Rotax Max Challenge (IRMC)

–       There is no intention for BRP Powertrain to change the carburetor supplier from Dell´Orto to Tillotson

Best regards,

BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co KG


The original circular letter is available here.

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