Circular letter 2015-1

10 July 2015


2015 – 1


July 10th, 2015. Important Rotax MAX Challenge events are coming soon (E.C.K.C. # 3, Canadian Rotax Summer Challenge, ASN Canada-FIA National Karting Championships) and we find it important to remind everyone about the eligibility (legality) of parts and the verification responsibility.

Every Rotax engine must be checked and sealed before entering a Rotax Max Challenge event. The responsibility to check if the parts are aligned with the current regulation falls on the Authorised Rotax Service Centre for parts within the engine seal and everything outside the seal falls under the responsibility of the competitor.

Don’t forget that engines and parts coming from the Rotax factory are not automatically legal to be used in the Rotax MAX Challenge program. Even if this is very rare, they can be out of specifications. This is also true for the accessories coming with the engine (example: the carburetor).  Make sure the necessary verifications are done according to the current valid regulation.

Technical inspections are done according to the regulation and the sentence “it came from Rotax this way” will never be a good defence for illegal parts or set-ups.


Patrick Moreau, Canadian Rotax Max Challenge Coordinator.


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