27 August 2018

During the 5th round of the Coupe de Montreal last weekend, many questions arised regarding the Briggs & Stratton and Shifter classes at the Canadian Open. For the benefit of everybody, here are the most comment questions with the answers.

1. Why do you call the Briggs & Stratton and Shifter classes “Support classes”
The Rotax National final is has a National status. The consequences of having the Briggs & Shifter classes on the schedule without specifying they are support classes would have required a national licence for these classes too.  This way, the Karting Québec licence (and other licences recognised by KQ) are good enough to register in this classes.

2. What is the registration fee for the Briggs & Shifter classes?
Registration fee for the support classes is $175 for the whole weekend.

3. Can I use my used tires for the event ?
Yes but they must be MAXOne M1M (blue) for Briggs & Stratton classes and MAXOne M1S (purple) for the Shifter & Shifter Masters classes.

4. What is the schedule for the event?  Can I arrive only on Saturday morning?
The full schedule is available here. The B & S and Shifter classes can register for the Thursday optional practices. Included in the registration, you have two practice sessions on Friday afternoon but official sessions (qualifying through Final race) are Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning you have a warm-up before your qualifying. It is absolutely possible to arrive at the track on Friday night or Saturday morning. We are only asking you to register in advance to give us a chance to prepare your credentials, our database for equipment scanners and timing system.

5. Where can I find all necessary information about the event?
To make it as clear as possible, we have prepared two Suplementary regulation documents, one for the Rotax and one for the other classes.
Règlement particulier – classes Rotax
Règlement particulier – classes de soutien (Briggs & Shiters)

6. What is the difference between this event and a round of the Coupe de Montréal ?
This race is not part of any championship. To make this event attractive for the competitors, we worked hard to offer fantastic prizes for all classes, more officials will be on duty and the video review system will be used. This race event in the first of the only two race events at the superb facility of karting Mont-Tremblant for 2018, the 2nd one will be the final round of the Coupe de Montréal at the end of September.

7. On top of the trophies for the top three of the final race, what are the prizes for the Briggs and Shifter classes?
A Super Pole session will be presented on Saturday with a podium at the end of the day.  Top three will receive a money prize:
1st place: $300
2nd place: $200
3rd place: $100

The winner in the Briggs & Stratton classes will earn a free participation at the final round of the Coupe de Montréal in a Rotax class (kart, entry fee and tires included) and a gas pressure washer. Also, all Briggs & Stratton drivers will have the chance to win a gas pressure washer.

The winner in the Shifter and Shifter Masters classes will earn a 1 day course of F2000 at the Jim Russell Driving School on the famous Mont-Tremblant circuit.Le gagnant dans les catégories Shifter & Shifter Masters se méritera un cours d’une journée en F2000 à l’école de pilotage Jim Russell sur le mythique circuit du Mont-Tremblant.

8. How can I register?
Very easy. You just have to visit the event page and in the bottom of the page, you will see “REGISTRATION LINK”.

For any other question, contact us at 1-514-313-9676 ext. 2.

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