2015 Rotax Grand Finals – Day 6 – Saturday

14 November 2015

Pre-finals :

Today was the final day of this 16th edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Portimao, Portugal. Unfortunately, no Canadian qualified for the final round in the Junior and Senior MAX classes. Then we followed the results of our American neighbours. Their best results in the Junior class came from Mathias Ramirez-Barrero with a 7th place finish and in the Senior class, it came from Lucas Selliken, 4th.

In DD2 Masters, Scott Campbell started 9th when Luc Sauriol started 26th and Stuart Clark 34th. Very good start again for Campbell and after the first lap, he was already 4th. But pressure from behing and a contact from the American driver Darren Wang made him loose several places and he finished 12th. Sauriol had to battle very hard to gain positions and finished 23rd. Stuart Clark was involved in a crash in the first lap and couldn’t finish.

In the DD2 class, Jeffrey Kingsley and Tyler Kashak started from the 6th row on the grid and Fred Woodley started 34th. Like Clark, Kingsley has been involved in an accident early in the race and couldn’t finish. Tyler Kashak lost several places at the started  battling hard in the middle of the pack. He finished 19th, just in front of Fred Woodley and Rubens Barrichello. This was an excellent race for Woodley who started from the last place.


As usual, the Junior MAX final race was very exciting, with lot of passings, contacts and lot of risks taken by these kids. The French driver Florian Venturi crossed the finish line with a tiny 5 hundredth lead over the American Mathias Ramirez-Barrero. Caio Collet, from Brazil, completed the podium. In the Senior MAX class, Team USA put another driver on the podium when Lucas Selliken finished behind the winner Alex (he is racing only under his first name) from Italy. Jordan Sherratt, from South Africa, finished 3rd.

We looked forward to the DD2 Masters race. Even if the first 2 final races were very close at the finish line, the closest one was the DD2 Masters. Dominating from the beginning a 6-7 karts train, South African Michael Stephen was taken out of track by a very stupid passing attempt from Finnish Antti Ollikainen. Finally, the win went to Ryan Urban, from New-Zealand, followed by Jim Ringelberg from The Netherlands and Gabriel Zughella from Argentina.

The last race of the event was completely different from the first three. Very early in the race, we already knew the podium which could only change in case of a mechanical failure. The excitement was for the positions 4 to 8, which included Tyler Kashak. He was in p. 4 for more than 6 laps near the end. Rubens Barrichello finally finished 4th and Kashak 7th.  Jeffrey Kingsley made a good race, started last and he finished 18th. Fred Woodley finished 21st.

No podium for Team Canada this year. In this type of event, few little things can make huge differences and one of them is luck, what Team Canada didn’t have this year.

The video of the day includes interviews with Scott Campbell and Tyler Kashak, our 2 best results of the day.

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