2014 Rotax Grand Finals – Team Canada on the podium!

29 November 2014

The final day of the 2014 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals would crown the 2014 RMC Champions. Team Canada had representatives in the MAX and DD2 classes.

To start the day, we didn’t drive to the racetrack, we sailed! It was raining cats and dogs and the warm-ups took place in difficult conditions. Then the Junior MAX class started their pre-final race but the track was almost completely under water. After the first lap, they just thrown the Red flag and waited for a rain break which came but late. The officials took the decision to cancel the pre-final races.

The first first race with Canadian drivers was the MAX senior class and the water was still a big problem. The poor conditions brought lot of contacts and many lost of control from the drivers. At the end, Zachary Claman-DeMelo, who was second for a long portion of the race, hold on and finished third to climb on the podium. The winner was a Spanish driver, Carlos Gil. Bruno Borlido finished 2nd. Bryce Choquer couldn’t finish the race.

In the last race of the day, we had 3 drivers in the DD2 race. Ben Cooper started 2nd and had a difficult start, backing to the 4th place but was able to come back to 2nd but he never been able to reach the winner Sean Babington. Jordan Boys finished 2nd. Fred Woodley just missed the podium, finishing 4th and Jeffrey Kingsley was 10th.

We added pictures to our Facebook photo album, including all podiums.

Today’s interviews are with our 2 podium winners Ben Cooper and Zachary Claman-DeMelo.

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