2014 RMC Regulations

17 March 2014

The 2014 Canadian RMC regulations are now available. As usual, not many changes. The biggest change is the presentation of the technical regulations.  Amongst the new rules, we have the introduction of a code of conduct in the Sporting regulations. This is not completely new for Canadian competitors as the ASN Canada FIA regulations have one.

In the technical regulations, no major changes either, other than the page set-up, but some details were added. We must underlined some elements: (this is not a complete list)

–       Only allowed to repair one thread on the cylinder with an heli-coil;

–       No treatment allowed on the piston and/or piston ring;

–       Mass cable must be Rotax original part;

–       No more personalized tape on radiator and/or engine and accessories;

–       DD2 class: explain when a driver should receive a mechanical flag when roller(s) on the rear bumper are lost during a track session.

It is the responsibility of the Rotax Authorized Service Centres and competitors to carefully read the 2014 regulations and make sure their engine and accessories comply with them.

2014 RMC regulations is available on our REGULATION page.

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