2013 RMC regulations available

11 March 2013

The 2013 Canadian Rotax Max Challenge is now online and available on our regulations page.

As usual, the regulations are pretty much the same with few differences. Here the main changes for this year. We remind you that the list below is not an exhaustive list. You must read carefully the complete 2013 Sporting and Technical regulations. It is the responsibility of the competitor to read the regulations and comply with them.

Main changes: 


  • Sporting regulation for Micro-MAX & Mini-MAX in now integrated in the general sporting document
  • Maximum age in Micro-MAX and Mini-MAX has been modified for a future harmonization between Canadian and US regulations
  • The invitation for the 2013 RMCGF in the DD2 class of the ECKC is now open to Canadian and US competitors
  • To be eligible to race at the National finals, drivers must have participated in 3 events of the same eligible series OR 5 participations of different eligible series
  • Top three finishers of the Micro-MAX and Mini-MAX of the National Finals, the final event of the WCC and the ECKC championship will receive and invitation to participate at the Nola Micro & Mini Invitational which will take place in support of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in New-Orleans, Louisiana, next November.


  • Junior Max will run on D1 tires
  • Old piston ring “ E CRY K “ is not accepted anymore
  • 12.5 carburetor insert is not legal anymore
  • Floats level is now regulated
  • Several new measures for the carburetor are included
  • Different jets now accepted
  • Tape applied all around the radiator with flap is now allowed
  • It is not possible anymore to put stickers on the engine or accessories, except authorized stickers
  • Minimum squish gap for Mini-MAX increased at 2.80 mm and reed petals regulated to reduce the speed of the engine and eliminated the “kick” effect. The Mini-MAX power will be half-way to the Micro-MAX and the Junior MAX engines.

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